NES-Tools Beta-02

Following several requests, I have updated NES-Tools to include an example of how the tools can be used as plugins (in Max 7 only). The tools are now available via a link on the Software web page.
Here is a little blurb about the patcher called “02-NES-Plugin-Examples.maxpat”, which shows the tools used as objects within Max:
NES-Tools-Beta-02; Updated 29 June 2017:

Added “02-NES-Plugin-Examples.maxpat” to demonstrate how each NES-Tool effect can be its own Max object embedded in another patch.
Here are the use instructions for 02-NES-Plugin-Examples.maxpat:

1. Turn on DAC
2. Open a sound file and play it
3. Select an effect using its radio button
4. Double click on the corresponding effect object to open its window and control its parameters
5. Adjust overall levels
6. Try another effect
7. Use one or more effects in your own patcher

Here is what “02-NES-Plugin-Examples.maxpat” looks like when you open it (below). Note the FX processes are each their own object in Max.
Hope this is helpful.

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