ACMC 2020 Conference – Presentation

This year, the Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC 2020) was conducted as an online conference at the Australian National University, from July 3–11, 2020.

Gave a video presentation, titled Vari-Gen: A Generative System for Creating Musical Variations Using Max, Bach, and Cage in Real-Time

This talk demonstrated a new system for generating variations on segments of music that have been previously recorded or composed and saved as MIDI files.
The system builds on work presented at the ACMC 2018 Perth conference which was documented in the paper Hacking Music Notation with Bach and Cage (Hirst, 2018), but actually functions in real-time.

The talk runs from 00’20” to 11’39” on this Youtube recording of the session stream. It is the first presentation on the video:

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