ACMC 2020 Performance

My video art music work called Pierre and Frank was included in the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2020 concert series:

This two movement piece uses the Various-Gen system I outlined in my presentation. The video art content was generated using 3D software I wrote with shapes activated by the music. Here is an extract from the program notes for the work:

“Presented in two distinct parts, this work is dedicated to two of the most original composers of the twentieth century: Pierre Boulez and Frank Zappa. Although their life trajectories were quite different, one an orchestral conductor and the other a rock musician, their paths crossed through their compositional activities. …”

Programmed in Concert 2, Pierre and Frank can be viewed as the 5th work in a video record of the concert from 35’27” to 43’35” on this Youtube video of the Concert:

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