Here you’ll find selected electroacoustic music compositions, some with links to full versions or extracts.

My Soundcloud site is

And my Video Music is on Vimeo at

Fixed media – Selected works

The Portuguese Suite 8 channel version 15′ 2019
Imaginacão de Viseu 8 channel version 10′ 2018
The Portuguese Suite Soundcloud stereo version 15′ 2018
Imaginacão de Viseu Soundcloud stereo version 10′ 2016
Spectral Variations 4 (for Francesca) CD – Full version 11′ 2015
Shape of Water Album on iTunes 50′ 2014
OMG 2013 Remix CD – Full version  8′ 2013
Study 101: Thunderbowl CD – Full version  4′ 2010
Study 102: Scrabbling CD – Full version  4′ 2011
Study 103: Reson CD – Full version  4′ 2011
La vie naturelle CD 2003
Travail CD 2003
Maison CD 2002
Mon Dieu – Revised 2002 CD – Full version  9′ 1998
Mann Project CD 1997
Mann Rave IV CD 1997
Sound fields CD 1997
Colonies III CD 1993
Colonies II CD 1993
Colonies I CD 1992
Ice Palais Computer music commissioned by  the Terrapin Puppet Company, Tasmania 1989
Dualistic Duet Computer-generated tape 10’ 1985
The Making of Dolphin Play Film music commissioned by the Mill Theatre Company 1984
Betameta For computer-generated tape 1983
The Storm Studies For computer generated tape 1982


Video Music

Shape Intersections Video Art with electronic music soundtrack. Available on Vimeo 4′ 2019
Sonochrome I Video Art with electronic music soundtrack. Available on Vimeo 10′ 2019
The Shape of Water Video Art with electronic music soundtrack. Available on Vimeo 9′ 2014

Selected works for live electronics

Artificier artificiel Live, interactive computer music 4’ 2005
Linden Nights Recorded live for Machine Messages CD 1992
Improvisation (D. Hirst & I. Fredericks) Interactive computer composition instruments 1990
Improvisation (Bell and Whistle Co & Ballyhoo) Group electro-acoustic improvisation 1990
Improvisation for Linden (D. Hirst & T. Stainsby) For interactive computer composition instruments using the SPRAY program written by Hirst 1990

Selected works for instruments/voice and electronics

Interactions (with Graeme Leak) Percussion, MIDI guitar, and signal processing 1992
Resonance (with Graeme Gerrard) Microphone feedback with resonators, MIDI wind controller, and signal processing 1992
Playing Fields (with Graeme Leak) Percussion and live electronics 1992
Sextet (with Gerrard, Sosnin, Hewes, McLachlan, and Barden) Gongs, Oboe, Computer Processing Instruments and Mixer 1991
Georgiana in the Land of the Kulin Narrator (Anthony Briggs) and live computer-generated electronic accompaniment 1990
And So (with P. Treloar) For computer generated tape, voice, and drum 20’ 1989
Antipathy – Empathy For cello and computer generated tape – performed by Andre Duthoit and John Addison 9’ 1987
Brahmin’s Son For tenor voice and computer-generated tape. Available on NMA Tapes 1 from Shame File Music 3’ 1982

Selected installation works

Namelessness Electronic music for the “play that becomes an installation” – with sculptor Peter Cripps. Available on NMA Tapes 6 from  Shame File Music 1988

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