Ear to the Earth John Cage Tribute


Ear to the Earth has produces an online tribute to John Cage: “As a salute to Cage for his leadership in what Joel Chadabe called “the great opening up of music to all sounds”, and in the spirit of the 100th anniversary year of his birth, we have built a collection of 100 compositions and sounds — 60 compositions, 40 sounds, all based on field recordings, natural and urban, some using traditional instruments and voice — by composers and sound artists around the world. It is a global salute to John Cage.”

Published on their site, you can hear my contribution La vie naturelle which is based on sounds recorded at Torquay, Victoria, Australia.

Unsound Objects Article Published

The first issue of the eOREMA journal is now online and can be found here: http://www.orema.dmu.ac.uk/?q=eorema_journal. It has my analysis of Jonty Harrison’s electroacoustic music piece Unsound Objects, along with other interesting analysis articles.

Renewal public symposium Melbourne

A ctrl-z.net.au public symposium
13 April 2013 @ Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne
doors open @ 10.00 / bar open all day

If we are all ‘new’ citizens today, in the era of social media, social networks and user-generated content, what forms might ‘new citizenship’ take in the future? If we are always ‘on’ (online, plugged in, available), what is to become of solitude, of privacy? And why are media now ‘social’? Hasn’t sociality defined the history of media?

Such provocations inform the theme of renewal to be discussed by a range of invited speakers (including artists, writers, academics and public figures) in conversation with a general audience.

tix online $20
$25 (full) $20 (concession) @ the door

For more please see the event website: http://www.ctrl-z.net.au/events/renewal-program/


Publication in new eJournal

ImageMy article “Connecting the Objects in Jonty Harrison’s Unsound Objects” will appear in the new eOREMA Journal soon. The eOREMA journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly arm of the OREMA (Online Repository for Electroacoustic Music Analysis) project (www.orema.dmu.ac.uk/eorema) that focuses on the analysis of electroacoustic music.