Composers Little Helper

The Composer’s Little Helper (CLH) is a Max patcher that makes use of the “Bach” and “Cage” libraries to manipulate and mix musical notation that has been saved in a “shelf” as separate segments. CLH implements musical operations such as transposition, inversion, retrograde, plus a number of other “treatments” that use the high-level “Cage” library for real-time computer- aided composition.

This version is the version that was show-cased at the Australasian Computer Music Conference December 2018 in Perth. Get it here:

Composers Little Helper Max software

To run this software, you will need Max 7 or 8 :

Plus you will need the Bach and Cage packages from this site:

You will need to download the latest versions of bach and cage

Download and install these versions manually into your Max 7 (or 8) “Packages” folder, in your “Documents” folder. Do not use the Max Package Manager as it doesn’t contain these latest versions (at the date of writing).

Once you have installed these, run Max and Open “CLH-21-ACMC18-01.maxpat”

To understand how to use the software, read the paper “ACMC-Paper-Hirst-D-2018-09.PDF”

There are a number of .json and MIDI files to try out, or use your own.

This software is VERY experimental, so it is not supported in any way and you agree to use it knowing the author bears no responsibility for your fate.

Acknowledgements are in the ACMC paper.