Adapted by David Hirst from the patchers by Jean-François Charles.
V Beta-02: Updated 26 May 2019

Download and unzip: NES-Spectrale-Beta-02-2019

NOTE: Read the file “000-NES-Spectrale-Beta-02-2019-Readme.pdf” first to understand what the patches do, and how to run and control them.

Previous Version: NES-Spectrale-Beta-01



Timbre hacking the FFT.
Inspired by the work of Zack Settel & Cort Lippe (1994), Jean-François Charles (2008), and the GRM Spectral Transform and Evolution suites of audio processors, I have adapted the patches of Jean-François Charles (2011) into a set of FFT processing tools using Cycling 74’s Max environment, with Jitter matrices storing and processing the FFT.

NES-Spectrale-Beta-01 has been created for people who want to:

1. Open a sound file, or use live audio input, or both.

2. Record a portion of it in the frequency domain (FFT).

3. Process it in some way – in the frequency domain.

4. Render the result as audio, in the time domain.

5. Record the result.

Each NES-Spectrale tool is in its own folder. The NES-Spectrale suite is as follows:

NES-Distort-Del-Fbk: [New] Combines non-linear distortion, multiplication and addition to the FFT index, and adds delay and feedback, frequency bin by bin

NES-Interpolate-periodic-02-ST: [New] freezes two slices of sound, from the one sound file, and interpolates between their frequency content over the set interpolation period. Now handles stereo files

NES-Interpolate-periodic: freezes two slices of sound and interpolates between their frequency content over the set interpolation period

NES-Multi-FX-05: lets you select one of five jitter effects to apply to the FFT matrix

NES-Playtwo: has two independent play heads that can be adjusted to play across different frequency bands at different rates

NES-Playfour: has four independent play heads that can be adjusted to play across different frequency bands at different rates

NES-Transform-Mx: uses the jit.mxform2d object, which performs a 2-dimensional matrix transform on an input matrix. It can be used to perform scaling, rotation, skewing, and perspective operations on the FFT matrix.

System Requirements

NES-Spectrale requires Max 7, but it should run with the standard distribution (no custom externals required). It has only been tested on a Mac running Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.5

Attribution and Acknowledgements

Please read the file “000-NES-Spectrale-Readme.pdf” for all attributions, references and acknowledgements.